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Stranis Hill Zante

From the land of Zakynthos at the junction that turns left towards Bohali you will see a narrow paved road on your right and the sign Strani Hill. There you will ascend the paved among the olive trees and you will reach Strani Hill. The view is beautiful and panoramic. It was here that Dionysios Solomos upon hearing the cannonades from the Mesologgi felt inspired to write the countries national anthem ‘An Ode to Freedom’. Passing through the gate, you are in a multi-level park, surrounded by pine trees and olive trees. You can browse the historic monument or relax on one of the benches.

At the point where the column with the bust of the poet is present, there was the yew tree under which Dionysios Solomos wrote our national anthem. Part of the old tree is today at the entrance of the Solomos and Kalvos Museum. In front of the column, the sculpture depicts “Freedom” moving with momentum in the front and holding on to the right hand of the sword.


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