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Arkesini Amorgos

The most important point of Kato Meria is the Tower of the Holy Trinity, located in the area of ​​Arkesini and constitutes a characteristic example of Hellenistic architecture.

It is a rectangular fortress built of local limestone in irregular coursed masonry. It consists of two rectangular structures of unequal height (the tower and the paved courtyard). Access is via an elevated archway, while there is also a low exit door at the back of the tower. The location of the baths and latrines has been securely identified, while other areas were the andron (men’s quarter), the atrium, etc. The tower water supply and drainage system is also interesting. The main tower was accessed by a staircase, of which the lowest steps survive. The area around the monument also includes the remains of an ancient olive press and a cellar, while the movable finds demonstrate that the site has remained in use from antiquity to the present day. The remains of the early modern era are also impressive: modern built structures linked to agricultural installations, collection channel systems, a rainwater collection cistern, a built oven, an olive press and a byre, all indicating the continued use of the site through the ages.

Research from the archaeologist Lila Marangou shows that the region was the main body of the city-state where it served to protect residents from various pirate raids.

The Tower of the Holy Trinity is protected by the World Heritage Convention at the UNESCO, Secretariat or the World Heritage Center


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