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Pozar Baths Aridaia

Ιn the depths of Mount Voras, just above the Baths(Pozar Baths), extends a vast network of caves, the first cave park of Greece, a complex of 16 caves, a chasm of 50 meters and many cave-shelters, of great palaeontological importance, and spectacular natural beauty.

Among the caves, a special place is held by Bearcave, a name taken from more than 15,000 finds of prehistoric brown bear URSUS CT. ARCTOS, dating back to almost 10 thousand years. In the findings of the brown bear are accounted skulls, bones and fossils dating back to 120,000 years ago, a fact that proves that the so-called Bearcave offered ideal environment for living and reproduction of brown bears.

Despite the fact that the access to the interior of the caves is prohibited, you have nevertheless the possibility to follow the paved paths that begin above the cafeteria besides the large outdoor pool, to pass over and enjoy the crystal clear waters that trickling beneath your feet and get directed to a part of cavepark through incredible beauty mountaineering paths that only wellness, revitalization and exaltation can offer you.


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