Two hundred hectares of land define this terrestrial paradise. The Amfikaia farm is located at the foot of Mount Parnassos, between the villages of Amfikleia and Tithorea. At our farm, we respect the land. We are offering a hearty welcoming to all those who wish to escape the city and remember the mystical secrets of nature. Amfikaia, with its prototype agro tourism activities, is no ordinary hotel, but a warm embrace full of experiences. And Mount Parnassos in the distance, sometimes dresses in white, sometimes in green, marks the passage of time and changing of the seasons.
The home of bountiful almond and pear trees, proud wild-trees and abundant bushes, embellished by beautifully tended gardens. Pergolas provide the shade, while detoxifying scents of herbs infuse the air.
Here, we protect life. We rear proud Thessalian horses and Skyrian foals on the verge of disappearance and provide for pets who enjoy our care without restraints.


We welcome you to Amfikaia, confident you will feel «right at….farm» !
Sixteen traditional houses, most of them stone-built, are an ideal “refuge” we have prepared for those escaping the city. Independent without being too remote, offering peace and quiet as well as the feeling of staying in a friendly neighborhood. The farm gardens, sheltered kiosks and communal spaces around them, allow you to move about freely, participate in the seasonal agricultural activities and meet your neighbors if you so desire.


Every morning in our beautiful multi-functional space you will find your table set and waiting for you to savour the richest and purest breakfast you ever imagined. Made with the finest Greek local products, the breakfast includes eggs, milk, yogurt, honey, cheese fruits and vegetables, as well as mouth watering omelettes, homemade jams, pancakes, delicious twisted cheese pies, exquisite spinach pies and sour dough bread baked in a wood fired oven. Its cultivation is strongly influenced by tradition, while by producing only what the land offers we preserve flavors that have nearly been forgotten.


The Amfikaia farm is a warm hospitable place, as well as being a living, breathing farm, with its daily programme and maintenance tasks. If you so wish – and we believe you will – you will have an unforgettable taste of farm life by participating, at will, in our daily activities. Depending on the season you can get involved in gardening, planting, weeding or even fruit and aromatic plant picking.
You also have the opportunity to take full advantage of your time. You can relish every minute of your stay, hike along the slopes of Mount Parnassos, or even mountain bike or Playing football on the pitch with natural grass.

Finally, if you enjoy swimming, you have come to the right place. A dip in the large pond with its crystal clear crystalline water that comes straight from Mount Parnassos, is constantly replenished and promises to be a unique, refreshing experience.

  • Houses do not have TVs as a deliberate action for providing living circumstances as closer to nature.
  • Ridding is not an option with our horses since that specific species is considered an under protection animal.

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