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Ancient Sikyon

Ancient Sikyon
The archaeological site of ancient Sicyon lies on a plain area of the Vasilikos hill; it includes the excavated area of the Agora of the Hellenistic and Roman city, the Theatre, the Stadium and the Roman Baths (Balaneion), which have been restored and modified in order to be used as a Museum.

A temple excavated in the Agora and dated from the Archaic to the Hellenistic period, was turned into a Basilica during the early-Christian period.
Since 1935 the archaeological Museum of Sicyon is housed in a section of the Roman Baths (Balaneion), in the northern part of the city?s Agora. In the atrium and the three halls of the museum are exhibited treasures from Sicyon and the surrounding areas, artefacts from the cities of Stymphalos and Pellene, as well as the cave of Pitsa; the objects are dated between the Mycenaean and the early-Christian period.

An ancient monarchy at the times of the Trojan War, the city was ruled by a number of tyrants during the Archaic and Classical period and became a democracy in the 3rd century BC. Sicyon was celebrated for its contributions to ancient Greek art, producing many famous painters and sculptors.


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