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Archaeologial Museum of Corinth


Corinth was a long and rich history that can be explored when visiting the Archaeological Museum of Corinth. Here you can find exhibits brought to light by archaeologists showcasing the legacy and culture of ancient Corinth.

The Museum was built in the 1930s, inside the archaeological site of Ancient Corinth based on a plan by W. Stuart Thompson,following the architectural model of the “Chicago school”. About 20 years later a new section was added to the Museum by the same architect.The west wing was added later, in 1951. Museum spaces were organized around two atriums, which give a unique character to the building.

The Museum of Corinth is one of the richest and most interesting museums of the Greek province.
In the historic times hall, visitors can find some of the most remarkable works of Greek civilization from the early Geometric period, approximately 1000 B.C.  The hall not only includes objects from the Geometric period, but also early Corinthian jars, like aryballos, the favorite jar of the Corinthians.

Another significant part of the Corinthian history, the Roman Times, occupies a separate hall, where sculptures that date back to the 1st century B.C. and others from the subsequent years can be found.

The collections include mosaic floors, the most characteristic one, depicting two vultures feasting on a horse. It is considered to be the oldest one in Greece since it dates back to 400 B.C. Moreover, three more mosaic floors that used to decorate a roman mansion of that time from the 2nd century A.D. are exhibited.
In 2015, large-scale works were completed in the east and south wing. These areas now host a new exhibition on ancient Corinth, from the Geometric Period until its destruction by the Romans, in 146 B.C.

Recently, two Kouroi (life size or larger ancient Greek statues of young men) from the area of Tenea, were added to the Museum exhibits. These two statues are of similar style to the “Apollo” of Tenea, located in the famous Glyptothek in Munich.


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