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Plaka Milos

The archaeological museum of Milos is housed in a neoclassical building of Tsiller built in 1870 and located in Plaka. In the central hall of the Archaeological Museum there is the impressive statue of Aphrodite, which is a copy of the original and comes from the workshops of the Louvre Museum. In the same room there is a tombstone of the 6th century BC, a statue of a three centuries BC, a foot of a ”trapezoforou” with a lion’s head and a half female statue. In the left part of the room, a showcase is filled with obsidian pieces, tools, finishes, knives, arrowheads and horns. These finds come from Fylakopi, Nychia and Demedagaki.There are still exhibits at the Museum that indicate the development of the arts and culture of ancient Klima. Separate beauty is the head and the embossed tombstone with a servant, dating back to the 3rd century BC. On the island are found and exhibited in the Museum, plaques with the Archaic Milac alphabet, consisting of 21 letters.


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