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In the area of ​​Varousi is also the most important archaeological site of the city, the Asklepieion. The site of Asclepius, which besides a sacred site dedicated to the God of Medical Asclepius, was also a place for the healing of the faithful of all kinds of diseases, offers the tour guide the opportunity to refer to the birthplace of Asklipios the ancient Trikis, to the significance of the sanctuary in antiquity, in the various therapeutic methods used in the past, in the role of priest-doctors, thus helping the visitor to understand the phases of the science of medicine, based primarily on the knowledge of the use of this ofyon herbs. The reference to the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, will make it easier for the visitor to see how he himself, codifying his knowledge so far, free of prejudice and superstition, laid the foundations of modern medicine and raised moral and ethical issues such as euthanasia, medical confidentiality, the avoidance of human pain and the attachment of doctors to the moral values ​​of their function. It is no coincidence that until now physicians have been given the Hippocratic oath before being called to practice it. The close bond of Hippocrates with Asklipio Trikkis is due to his origin, since he was a descendant of Asclepius and, in addition, the bond of Hippocrates to Asclepius was a bond of a son to a father. In the same way Asklipio Trikkis with that of Kos had a Mother City bond to a daughter. Besides, it is known that all Asclepie, over three hundred in the whole known world in antiquity, have been the posterity of Asklipieion Trikkis. Thus, Asklipio Trikkis can be characterized not only as the most important of antiquity, but also a place that inspired Hippocrates, giving the necessary stimuli in order to establish the principles of modern medicine.


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