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Near the village of Theologos, 10 km from the airport, you can visit the famous Butterfly Valley. It sounds your dream place and it really is! It is also one of the most famous sights of Rhodes that definitely deserves your visit. It is a rare habitat that hosts the Panaxia Quadripunctaria butterfly (a very rare species that is found in very few places around the world), which appears in this unique natural park during the period from mid June until the end of September. The Valley of Butterflies is a small and somewhat dark pine-covered valley, crossed by a stream, shady paths, well-formed ponds and small waterfalls. You can also see wooden bridges in various parts of the small Pelekanos river (from which the valley crosses) and a restaurant overlooking a waterfall. During your visit, you will notice gray butterflies sleeping on the shady sides of tree trunks or around the roots. The sight of the butterfly colony is by itself magnificent, but if the butterflies are awake they form a cloud, which is very impressive, as it reveals the orange color of their wings.

The entrance to the Valley is made up of three points, at the lowest point the visitor can admire the Natural History Museum, exhibition kiosks and start crossing the 1300 m route between the gorge, next to the running waters of the “Pelekanos” , to worship at the upper point of the valley the Monastery of Kallopetra, built on the tradition by Alexander Ypsilantis in 1874.

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