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The Byzantine church of Porta-Panagia is a three-aisled vaulted crossed basilica located in the area of Pyli ​​Trikala, next to Portaikos river. It was built in 1283 by Ioannis Angelos Komninos Doukas, one of the three cruciform temples in the Thessalian area and is said to have been built on the site of an ancient temple of Athena or Apollo. The temple once constituted the katholikon of the monastery, built at the site of an ancient sanctuary. For the latter, there are archaeological testimonies, three columns of columns, and in the masonry of the temple stones of the ancient temple along with bows, links, windings and inscriptions. Two full-length images of Christ and the Virgin Mary are the only mosaics that decorate the temple. They are placed opposite to the usual layout, that is, on the left of Christ, on the right of the Virgin Mary. They are on the front of the two walls separating the main temple from the parapets. These are two narrow and high chapels.

The scenic location, the beauty and the Byzantine character of the church attract many couples from all over Greece to fulfill the mystery of their marriage there.

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