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The great waterfall of Enipeus, falling from a height of 38 meters, is located in the middle of the gorge of Enipeus in Pieria. Impressive slopes, dense vegetation, scenic wooden bridges, crystal-clear water ponds and small waterfalls make up a wonderful natural setting that enchants mountain-lovers. In order to reach the waterfall, we follow the international path of E4 mountaineering routes, which crosses the gorge, passing through beautiful wooden bridges and meeting the Holy cave where St. Dionysios was exercising, and after twenty minutes we arrive at the Holy Monastery of Agios Dionysios. A few minutes away from this point, the path leads to the beautiful waterfalls of Enipeus that reward the visitor for the most beautiful view.
The Gorge starts at Litochoro, just at the foot of Mount Olympus, at an altitude of 320 meters and ends at 1100 meters above sea level, right at one of the points where climbers start to conquer the peaks. The altitude difference between the two edges of the Gorge is 740 meters. and the total length of the trail is 9 kilometers.


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