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The Orlia stream is basically a river that crosses the slope of Olympus, creating wonderful waterfalls and natural pools! Two of these waterfalls with their swimming pools are very easily accessible by car from Dion village. There are signs that guide you, you leave the car near the chapel of Ag. Konstantinos and Eleni and follow the path leading to a waterfall, which creates a small pool is very comfortable accessible for all, while the big waterfall is lower just after the small waterfall and you have to walk through a path that is very easy to find and cross it. He is taller and more imposing and also creates a lake, larger than the first and deepest. The water is frozen, but the experience of immersing in the crystal clear waters that you can mirror is incredible.
Orlia Canyon (upper track) canyoning.
A beautiful piece with large waterfalls and comprehensive. It offers flat slopes with a maximum of 27 meters and a short walk from one rappel to the other. By signs it gives a beautiful view of the walls of the gorge and ends with the famous waterfall of “Red Rock”, 20 meters high.


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