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Cape Drastis

The Magic Drastis, a beautiful, imposing, seductive, unspoiled and wild cape.
If you are a fan of unique natural landscapes and tranquillity, go up to the northernmost point of the island, which is none other than the Cape Drastis, located after the village of Peroulades and within a 38 km distance from the centre of Corfu town. There, you will see an image that looks unreal with the impressive formations of the ground (very reminiscent of those at Canal d’ Amour) and the blue waters, which pique the interest from the very first moment. Nestled in a lush green landscape, the cape is an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy summer diving like… castaways! The ride is rutty and you will need either a jeep, or to cross it on foot. Otherwise, you can reach the cape by boat.

Video by: G. Traveller


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