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The cave of Bey is located in Koziakas at 1220m altitude, in a particular geological area. It is a sink draining the waters of a basin of the mountain, which eroded the limestone and found an exit on the eastern side of the hill. With an elevation of the ground and a lot of water, an impressive dimensional duct with two entrances was formed. The light enters from the large openings of about 15 meters, and there is a strong air stream in the main duct. There are two more ducts on the right of the main duct. The first one we meet, about 100 meters in length, progressively narrows and leads to a chamber with hand-drenched flooring and impressive decoration on the walls. The second one, which is near the east entrance, continues for about 60 feet and stops in a wall while there is a loft from where another pipeline comes with possible continuity. The cave is a complex system of pipelines and water jets that have done a lot of work. The height of the roof generally ranges from 10 to 15 meters while in the main duct large rock boulders have been detached from the roof, resulting in water being lost below points. The access is from Elati or from Kosta on the road that goes to Kanalia with very good signage.


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