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The waterfall of Chantara formed three kilometers south of the monastery Trooditissa and 1 kilometer north of the village Phini, on the river Trooditissa the like called by the inhabitants of the surrounding areas “double river.” A few kilometers further south you turn into the large Diorozo River. The waterfall of Phini, is located in the area of ​​Chantara. Undoubtedly, the waterfall, an exquisite creation of nature, enchants and impresses every visitor. Access to the imposing waterfall is through a “pleasant and short dirt road”. The waterfall’s emerge in the midst of a wild virgin landscape with screeches, plane trees, pines, lakes, rosary and coumaris. Visitors will be enchanted by the scents of ladanies, sage and lavender, combined with the exquisite melodies of nature, the rochtho water as it falls, and the sweet twitter of aidoniou.The water falls headfirst from a height of about eight meters, forming a small pond at the base. Sparkling water flows over the “hard volcanic rocks of the marsh, which were filled with tiny plush mosses, while beside the ivy, it tightened the loose lump of platinum trunks. Near the waterfall lies the foundations of an old watermill, probably in the early 20th century.

Video by: Tomasz Huczek


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