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It is not known how he went to Corinth. It is for sure that he left Athens puzzled with how Athenians dealt with his preaching and with the situation in the Churches of Macedonia. While Paul was leaving Athens, Timothy was on his way to Thessalonica. In Corinth Paul developed friendship with Akylas and Priscilla who were also tend-makers (as he also was) and already knew some things about Jesus. He stayed and worked with them and every Saturday he preached Jews and Greeks.

According to the tradition of our church, Paul addressed the Corinthians from the bema of the Ancient Agora in Corinth, where the officials were placed so that citizens could hear them when they spoke to them. Most of Jews were not convinced that Jesus was the Messiah and at some point Paul stayed with Titus Justus who was proselyte and lived close to the synagogue. Among the believers was Crispus, chief priest of the synagogue who was baptized together with all his family.
The Acts of the Apostles inform us that at some point Corinthian Jews united against Paul. They dragged him to court accusing him that he was illegally trying to convert people follow his preaching. Hebrews’ statement had no result as Paul’s problem had nothing to do with the hostility of the pagans but of his fellow citizens.
Few weeks later he decided to leave Corinth. He had to quickly go to Ephesus. He said goodbye to his friends and he left Corinth accompanied by Silas, Timothy, Akylas and Priskilla.

The Apostle of Nations visited Corinth three times during his journeys and his letters to the Corinthians are supreme examples of Christian teaching, and as a matter of fact he himself founded the first metropolis.

Apostle Paul is the patron saint of Corinth and Corinthians built an impressive church in his honor. The church celebrates on the 29th of June.


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