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Davelis Cave

Davelis Cave is a well-known cave in Penteli, a mountain to the north of Athens. Davelis Cave was brought to light ca. the 5th century BC. The surrounding area was used as a marble quarry by the builders of the Acropolis, and the cave was discovered by chance, during works for the extraction of marble.
In Antiquity, the cave was a place of worship for the followers of Pan and the nymphs. There is a much smaller cave a few hundred meters up the mountain called Nymphaion or Nymph shrine.

During the Middle Ages, it was used by Orthodox Christian hermits, and later a small church was built at the entrance of the cave, featuring an unusual double layout: one part devoted to Saint Spyridon and one to Saint Nicholas.

The cave is also believed to have been (and possibly still is) used by other religious groups, mainly occultists. Many times during its history, the cave has been used as a shelter for civilians.

Paranormal activity

The cave has been associated with paranormal activity since the ancient times, this being the main reason behind its use as a place of worship.

The mystical character of the cave continues to fascinate people even today, and dozens of urban legends connected to the cave exist.


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