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Elafonissi is 76 km southwest of the city of Chania and is a narrow peninsula, which often breaks at the beginning, giving the feeling of a separate island. It has joined the Natura Protected Area network, as it is an ecosystem of exceptional ecological importance that unfortunately has been downgraded due to the huge number of visitors. In the dunes of Elafonissi there are many endemic species of flora, while the white lilies of the bloom blossoming in autumn and the threatened thalassoceros are impressed. This is where the turtle turtles nest and some sand dunes. It is strictly forbidden to cut plants or even take a bottle of sand with you. On the other side of the peninsula, there are several beautiful beaches with white sand and turquoise waters, reminiscent of exotic landscape from an exotic Caribbean. Sand in many places gets pink colors from the thousands of broken pillows. At the point where the peninsula breaks the water does not exceed half a meter and creates a small lagoon with warm waters, ideal for children. With little care you can pass across, even having your things with you. The eastern side of the beach, in front of the lagoon, is organized and gathers most people. there is still a large wooden cross that commemorates the wreck of a shipwreck on February 22, 1907. It was a Österreichischer Lloyd-type passenger steamer known as Imperatrix, as well as the 17th-century Chrysoskalitissa Monastery, located at a distance of 5 km .


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