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About 15 km north of Kyparissia and near the border with Ilia is located Elaia Beach, which has a golden sandy beach and is considered by the locals of the wider region as a good choice for visitors who want to swim in crystal clear blue waters and enjoy, with free stay or organized reception one of the beaches in the northwest of the prefecture. The beach of Elaia is also part of the protected areas of Trifilia, as it is one of the important habitats for the Caretta-Caretta sea turtle. The Kyparissiakos gulf hosts many nests of this species of turtle family, which is endangered and protected by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Above the beach and along its length extends a wonderful pine forest offering abundant shade and is suitable for hiking or even cycling. On the beach of Elaia there is a beach bar and some showers, for all the rest you have to head to the village of Elaia located just above the beach. Truly the beach of Elaia is a beautiful location that attracts hundreds of bathers who want to enjoy their bathing or even free camping under the shadows of the pine trees.


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