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The Folklore Museum Ano Meria Folegandros


The Folk Museum in Ano Meria Folegandros is in fact a representative example of a traditional 19th-century house. It is a perfect combination of an improvised museum due to the authenticity of its origin.The folk museum consists of four buildings, the old one goes back two years and the newer ones were built in the last decades in the style of the previous ones. The museum includes an entire house and stable complex with all the tools used in everyday life. In the Museum you will see the cistern that has a Mycenaean tomb, the well, the bakery, the press, the threshing floor, the potter, the laundry and the cellar, which contains jars, vases, sieves, scarecrows and lanterns. Entering the living room, the main reception area of ​​the house, you feel that from time to time the lady will come to you with a sweet spoon.This museum represents the way of life in an authentic rural unit of the past centuries. It is located in Ano Meria and offers to the next generations the knowledge of its origin and the understanding of the living conditions at that time.

The archetype house-museum in Ano Meria of Folegandros is the first to open in Greece with the idea of the open museum. It is managed by the cultural association “Folegandros”, whose president and director of the museum is Markos Venios, painter and restorer of fine arts. Every year from August, 1987 a full moon night is organized.

It is open each year from 1/7-15/9 and between 17.00 to 20.00.


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