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The gorge of Fonia is probably the most popular of the gorges of Samothraki, but one of the most beautiful in Greece. It is named after the tower near the sea where it is supposed to have been killed. It combines many of the features of canyoning.
The entrance is at “Karyes” at 700m altitude. Originally, the gorge has beautiful waterslides and large granite pavers and is open with lush vegetation. After about 3 hours, we reach Klidosis, an impressive cascade but also a technical point that raises the adrenaline, while the gorge narrows and turns. After the lock (which can be reached by taking the path from low) the waterfalls and rappel begin and the downhill lasts another 3 hours, a total of about 6 hours. Small and big jump exist throughout the downhill. Water is also good enough even in the summer. Sao was particularly favorable to the Fonia as the tops of “Koufouklio”, “Amoni”, “Louloudi”, “Feggari” and “Akoniama”, which surround the gorge, form a large basin. The main sources start close to the top, while many smaller streams and springs are continuously along the gorge.


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