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The Fort Rοupel is the largest complex of the fortified site along the Greek-Bulgarian border named Metaxa Line, with a total shelter of 1,849 meters and a length of 4,251 meters. The Rοupel, built in the western struts of Mount Tingle on the river Strymonas, together with the fortress Paliouriones, secured the narrow Roupel. The Group’s mission was to defend the fortified site, to ban the crossing of the Kresna-Rοupel axis. In East Kerkini, there were the fortresses of Istiebee-Kelkagia-Arpauliki-Paliourias, two Infantry battalions and a polluting mission with similar mission.

The losses of the Guard of the Rοupel fortress amounted to 44 dead and 152 injured. The losses of the Germans from 6 to 10 April were significant and according to German sources, 555 people died, 2,144 injured and 170 missing persons.

Today, the interior of the Museum exhibits samples of atomic weapons of the Second World War, such as revolvers, pistols, rifles, carbines, and automatic weapons, mainly of German origin. Of particular interest is the damaged gun found in 2000, as well as one of two anti-tank SCODA guns that the fort guard had. A special place among the exhibits of the Museum are the medals – medals awarded to Officers who played an important role in the Battle of the Fort, as well as their uniforms. In the central hall of the Museum there is a spectacular sectional view of the ruins of the “ROUPEL” Fortress on a scale. Finally, within the Museum there is a specially designed room in which the audiovisual material for the Battle of the Fortress is displayed. In addition to the Museum and the gates of the fortress, there is, at the highest point of the hill, the Monument of Fallen of the homonymous battle and the observatory where the topographical information of the visitors is made.


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