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The gorge of Dimosaris Evia

Walking through the gorge of Dimosaris you become acquainted with the traditional rural culture and its congruous relation to nature. It can be divide into two parts of the upper and the lower village of Lenosei. Up to 2000 years old, this gorge can surely boast as the oldest mountain path on the island. Rich in wild flowers & rare plants, the walking path is mostly covered by lush green Plane (Platanus) trees, wild olive and pear trees, but also large oak trees.

The path is parallel to the river and is covered by huge trees that the sun cannot cross. The clear water sources ,the green and blue lakes and the signing of birds create a magical natural surrounding where the visitor is constantly provided with new deeds. Tumbling waterfalls and shallow pools make for unique bathing opportunities within untouched nature along the way. The path also crosses through picturesque villages like Lenosaioi and Kallianos before reaching Kallianos beach. The gorge in the upper part is steep and wild whereas from the village of Lenosei to the sea, a narrow valley stands. In the eastern side of the gorge there are scattered the small settlements of Kallianou.


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