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The one and only female river of Greece. The path starts from a stone, arched bridge. It flows between dense vegetation, beside bushy shrubs and under trees that often hide the sky. Wooden signs, improvised stairs where the path becomes abrupt downhill and hand-painted darts show the way. The purl of water that covers the sound of the steps in the first half of the journey slowly gives its place to the waterfall of the waterfall. Until, behind the last turn of the path, noise grows and the scene changes from dark green to turquoise. A natural swimming pool set out from the cinematic Blue Lake is filled with the waterfall of the waterfall that falls from the rocks that surround it. A wooden bridge crosses it, extending the route. The best route is from Corinthou-Tripoli to Kalamata after Megalopoli and then to Kyparissia,  to locate the village  Platania, from where you will start downhill, following the signs that point you to the waterfalls. A rugged dirt road starts off Platania and ends up on the arched bridge (tip: do not leave the car on the first plateau you will encounter if you do not want to face two an extra kilometer of hilly dirt road on your return from your already tedious hike). After crossing the bridge, turn left and follow the straight-uphill slope, then downhill to the heart of the gorge. After the first waterfall, the one with the wooden bridge, the path continues, and leads to the right into the large, impressive waterfall.

Video by: MessiniaView Η θέα της Μεσσηνίας


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