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Hani  of Gravia is located in the town of Gravia, opposite the temple of St. Athanasius. Today’s building is an imitation of the then-constructed building, which was brick and collapsed, a faithful copy of it, with all the spaces that had the original inn. Hani of Gravia is open to visitors and there is a museum where every hour is projected with the representation of the battle. Opposite there is the bust of the hero of the Battle of Odysseus Androutsos, but also a monument with the names of the other 117 fighters who fought with him. The Battle of Hani of Gravias was one of the warfare of the Greek Revolution of 1821, with a victorious outcome for the Greeks. In this battle, which took place on May 8, 1821, Odysseus Androutsos with only 120 men defeated the 8,000 men’s armies of Omer Vryonis. The losses on the part of the Greeks were 6 dead, 2 injured, while on the Turkish side there were 300 dead and 600 injured.


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