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Heraion of Samos

Tradition has it that Hera was born and raised here, and for this reason her temple at Heraion was the largest in the antiquity. The most important archaeological site includes the huge (109 m in length, 55 m in width and 25 m. tall) temple of Hera (widely known as Kolona due to the single column that still stands up to this day), the grand altar and the sacred road (the road leading from the city, today known as Pythagoreion, to the temple). Between Pythagoreion and Heraion are the artificial Lakes Glyfades.
Heraion Sanctuary
A Heraion is a temple dedicated to the Greek goddess named Hera. Hera was the wife as well as the sister of Zeus. Their parents were Rhea and Kronos. She was said to be even more beautiful than the goddess of love, Aphrodite. She seemed to spend most of her time trying to prevent Zeus from having affairs with mortals and other maidens. She also liked to torture the children that he had from those affairs like Hercules. She was deeply into defending marriage and monogamy, even though she married a god who definitely could be called the Casanova of gods. Samos is where Hera and Zeus had a honeymoon for three hundred years.
There is another local myth about the temple. The myth begins with Admete, the daughter of Erystheus, coming to Samos from Argos. She had a vision of Hera and became part of the priesthood of the Hera cult. She had been fleeing from Argos and the Argives sent Etruscan pirates to steal the Samian cult image.



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