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Riga’s school or the Helllenic Museum of Zagora. Riga’s school or the Hellenic-Museum of Zagora as it is known was the first Greek school on Mountain Pelion during the Turkish Empire. Some of its most eminent students were Anthimos Yazis, Gregory Konstantas, Kallinikos Lapatis (Patriarch of Konstantopole) and the one of the greatest poets of the Greek Literature Rigas Feraios. The library of the school had about 18.000 ancient books. Nowadays it has 1.000 ancient books and 15.000 contemporary books which are available to the public. The library is now hosted in a modern building of the 20th century. While taking the books from the old school to the new Library an important amount of the ancient books was lost as the students who were carrying them threw them away without realizing the significance of those books. A one third of Riga’s school is open during the summer months as a museum.


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