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Kalamos Anafi

Visible from wherever you stand on the island, Kalamos, in the southeastern part of 22 km from Chora, is a magnificent monument of nature and, undoubtedly, the jewel of Anafi. It is an imposing limestone rock of 460 meters, connected to the rest of the island through a small isthmus.
The highest monolith in the eastern Mediterranean, Kalamos, it constitutes its most impressive natural sight. “The most terrifying rock in the world”, according to a 18th century French traveler, is particularly popular with experienced rappellers and climbers.

A part of Kalamos is the cave of Dracontospilo which can be reached only by footpath. It is a fascinating spectacle festooned with stalactites and stalagmites. From there you may spot a school of seals which, according to the locals, make frequent appearances in the area.
On the northern side of Kalamos is Drakontospilos, a cave inaccessible to the sea and accessible by the visitor only by a path. Its impressive mouth extends to a height of 10 m. Inside the water dripping on the walls creates gold-green deposits, columns and natural troughs, while its stalactites are still in the formation stage



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