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Ioannis Lolos(professor-UNIVERSITY OF IOANNINA, department of history and arcaheology-archaeology and history of art section) was the director of the archaeological excavations in Mycenaen Acropolis at Kanakia . After six years of research excavation , it was discovered the home of the mythological Aiacid dynasty, the palace of Telamonian Ajax In an evidence-based approach , the palace was flourishing in the 13th century BC it was abandonned at the end of 1.200 BC. So, Kanakia was inhabited 3300 years ago!!! Arcaheologists confidently match the Mycenaen capital of Salamis in Kanakia , as the oldest capital of the whole island(which was a dessert according to Strabon-a greek geographer-between 64BC-24BC).This town, referred as “Kychria” on an inscription’s fragment(1st century BC,Acropolis Athens) ,has been a subject of research for travelers and archaeologists since the early 19th century. The most important portable objects that were found at the excavation,have Cypriot or Eastern origin and verify the international relations of the centre.Some of them are:a piece of cypriot bronze ingot and a copper stip from an eastern type scaly armor,unique and sealed by the Egyptian stamp of Ramesses II.This exhibit is very significant for the spreading of the power that the Mycenaen Palace in Salamis used to have, but also for the history of the eastern Mediterranean in the 13th century.

Also Kanakia beach is the most wonderful accessible beach in Salamis with crystal clear blue water opposite the coastline of Epidaurus.

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