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In the northeastern part of the community, there is the river of Kremmiotis, through which it used to flow abundantly throughout the year, and today it mainly flows during the winter months. The flow of water was so strong, so there were two watermills. At the same place is Kremmiotis famous waterfall.

An idyllic scenery, drowned in greenery, has been created around the river Kremmiotis, which is “visited” by many birds. The wild vegetation of the area combined with running waters create a unique landscape. The path passes through a rich and wild vegetation consisting of shrubs, trees and flowers, some of which are only here. Tremithia, Cypriot oak, vitiligo, plantain, cypress, reeds, etc. make up the flora of the area, and here is a rich fauna, consisting of all the species of birds and reptiles of the island.

The route ends in the great waterfall of Kremmiotis, which was created by the river of the same name. The waterfall is located on the eastern side of the village. There are signs that guide, but do not hesitate to ask village residents who are always willing to even guide you along the path. Take towels and waterproof cases for mobile phones and cameras with you, as the only sure thing is that you will get wet. Be careful not to leave garbage behind you and generally do not contribute in any way to the destruction of this natural landscape.


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