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Kria Livadeia

The springs are located in wooded area “kria(cold)” south of Livadia. The sources are both, lukewarm and cold. Over time, prevailed the name of Kria(cold).
The sources form the river Ekrynas leaking and gives drinking water to Livadia. The stone bridges that connect the banks, small waterfalls, large rocks of the canyon, the castle of Livadia, beautiful buildings and statues near the shores and in the water, the stone path leads the visitor near the mouth river, small torrents formed in the hulls, compose a magnificent landscape. A unique experience for every visitor.

It is rumored that in the area, dug into rocks, was the oracle of Trophonius, the time of operation, the river considered sacred and mysterious. The sources named: sources of Lethe and Mnemosyne. Those arriving for someone oracle, was obliged to make to the sources, a cold bath.
The area is gorgeous. There is parking and very nice cafes and restaurants. The area of the river sources, is natural park, located in the gorge exit, exceptional natural beauty. In the gorge is open stone theater with great acoustics and paved promenade.
In Kria allegedly it was in ancient times, the oracle of Zeus Trophonius the sources of Lethe and Mnemosyne, which was the precursor for Delphi and gathered great power and riches.


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