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The first lighthouse of Cape Lakka was originally lit in 1825. It operated with olive oil and with a mirror machine with fixed parabolic mirrors. Its function was improved in 1887 and 1890, replacing the old mechanism.
The lighthouse operated with oil until 1913. In March of 1919 the lighthouse with its auxiliary buildings were destroyed because of a sudden landslide of the soil. The testimonies of the time say that the three lighthouse keepers were saved by chance. In 1916 a square tower of 10.7m height was built, in a another safer location with a focal height of 64 meters. During World War II the lighthouse remained off. It reopened in 1951 as monitored, having modified its energy source to oil. 1979 electricity replaced the oil machinery and it started functioning as Monitored electrical, emitting three white flashes every 24 “to 20 nm luminescence


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