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Fiskardo Lighthouse

At the end of the settlement of Fiskardo there are two beacons one old and one new. One is very close to the other.  The Venetians built the oldest lighthouse called “Venetian”. The old Venetian lighthouse was built in the 16th century, the cylindrical tower which looks like the shape of an ancient column. All around the lighthouse is fenced with stones about 2 meters height and inside there is a house for the lighthouse keepers which today is abandoned, unattended and in bad condition. The importance of this lighthouse, (the time of Venetian occupation) was great due to the port of Fiscardo. The inland port is too narrow for large vessels, but the depth is sufficient. There were small fleet of Venetian ships that found good anchorage SW of Lighthouse. Fiscardo was the main export port Erisou whole region, from where he loaded all products (raisins, wine, oil, etc.)…Even now is in very good condition. Today, from the old lighthouse you can admire a different view of the settlement and the picturesque harbor. The other Lighthouse of Fiskardo is built at the same point.The lighthoyse built in 19th century and in fact replaced the old one. It is over 14 meters. The original building suffered serious damage during the earthquakes of 1953, so it was reconstructed almost completely.


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