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The Litheos River is one of the four rivers of Trikala (Limassol, Ayamoniotis, Pinios, Kurmakis) and crosses the city of Trikala. It is the right tributary of the River Pinios. It flows at a height of 500 m from the Antihasia Mountains, 36 km in length, and flows to Pinios at a height of 108 m. Just outside the city of Trikala. The river is one of the attractions of the city of Trikala. Since Litheos crosses Trikala, its banks are connected with ten bridges, half of which are for walkers. The central bridge, which is arched and metallic, was built in France in 1886 by French engineers (reconstructed in 1996) and connects Asclepius Street (shopping street) with the central square of Iroon Polytechniou. On the bank of the river, on one of the bridges, there is a statue of Asklepios crafted by sculptor Theodore Vassilopoulos. According to Strabo, it was said that Asklepios, the god of medicine, was born near Litheos. The river Litheos invites us to visit him, to sail him on a walk of oblivion of everyday life. With the boats and canoes available for free by the Municipality of Trikala, every day, visitors can enjoy another image of the city, connect directly with this beautiful feature of Trikala: the river of Leth.


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