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Loutraki thermal spa

Loutraki city is built in a location blessed by nature. The climate of the area is excellent and both its curative and natural mineral waters are well known from ancient times. The first written record of Loutraki waters is foundin “Ellinika” by Xenophon. When Romans took over the area, the historic sources mention that general Sillas was cured in the curative waters of Loutraki and spread the secret throughout the entire Roman world.
Today, Loutraki is a modern thermal city that successfully competes corresponding international resorts. Apart from the art of Hydrotherapy, well- organised mineral water drinking therapy centres also operate.
Curative Water
The temperature of the water is 30oC and the temperature in the spring that gushes the table natural mineral water is 19,5oC.
Therapeutic Indications: Hydrotherapy for chronic rheumatisms, chronic rheumatoid arthritis, spondylarthrite, sciatica, infections of the skin, allergic skin ailments, psoriasis, eczema.

Mineral water drinking therapy for heart ailments, digestive ailments, disorders of the circulatory system, liver failure, kidney stones, cholelithiasis e.t.c.

Drinking therapy center in historically preserved building with beautiful mosaic floors. It does not provide a hotel and patients stay in the many hotels that operate in the resort.


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