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Ikaria’s abundant therapeutic radioenergized springs have been identified as amongst the best in the world in terms of healing qualities, radioenergy & temperature variance & water supply, and are particularly effective in treating a multitude of ailments and skin diseases because they can accommodate many different forms/strengths of therapy.
Therma is a village with three of the principal hot springs on Ikaria. It is located 3km East of Agios Kirikos and has a population of about 120-140 inhabitants.
Loutropolis of Therma . Since the 1st century B.C. Therma, Ikaria has been a known center for hydrotherapy as evidenced by numerous references in historical texts and by the presence of archeological remains of ancient baths and facilities such as the Roman baths in ancient Therma.

A current development is the provision of more qualitative services, but also an effort to convert therapeutic tourism into a form of heath enhancement. According to the current tourism trends, the place can attract younger visitors offering to them a relaxing and rejuvenating vacationing.

The majority of the tourist establishments of Therma (hotels, restaurants, etc) are close to the square of the village.

Today, Therma is still the principal region on Ikaria for organized hydrotherapy with numerous hotels/guesthouses, restaurants and three active bath/spa facilities: Cave, Apollon and Kratsas springs.


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