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Matsopoulos Mill is one of the most important new cultural monuments of the city of Trikala. An industrial building pioneer for his time (1884), on a Balkan level, was the pole of general development of the city in the difficult years after the liberation in 1881. Until its closure in the 1980s, it maintained almost unchanged the structure of its operation , making it an x-ray of the production process of flour mills since the late 19th century. Mechanical equipment is now virtually intact in place, with all the representative machines of the wheat flour production line. The Mill building complex has been classified as a historic preservative because it is a remarkable example of industrial architecture as it was formed in the last century in Greece, necessary for the study of the history of Architecture. Mill of Matsopoulos belongs to the industrial heritage and as a monument of technical and industrial heritage has a particular emotional and social value for the local community of Trikala. It has been a factor of economic development during its operation and an integral part of the collective memory of the city and its local history. In addition, the Summer and Winter Municipal Cinema and the Center for the Expression and Artistic Creation, the Municipal Theater of Trikala and the Painting Workshop of the Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Trikala. At the same time, the venue is the venue for the most important cultural activities of our city, such as the “Comedy Festival”, the theatrical performances, the performances by the Municipal Theater of Trikala with “natural” backdrop, the historical monument itself, music concerts of professional and student formations, and presentations and many other activities.


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