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Polichrono Chalkidiki

Mavromba lake is located in Polichrono Chalkidikis and is a place of rare beauty and ecological importance. It is 300 meters high and 3 km from the main road. Monument of nature since 1998, from the Region of Central Macedonia. It is a freshwater lake with a total area of 2,200 square meters created by geological settlements.There we can meet the turtles, many trees, plants and we can also see frogs, blackbirds, woodcocks, salamanders, snakes, etc.

The calm waters give refuge to two rare species of water turtle that belong to the families “emydidae” “emys orbicularis” and “mauremys caspica”. The number of these species, have increased over the recent years and it is very encouraging for their evolution.

We can find the turtles in areas with some altitude. They are mostly active in day time and feed on small fishes, wich they find in the lake. They give birth to 3-16 white eggs (emys ordicularis) and 4-6 (mauremys caspica).

The distance from Polichrono is about 2.7 km and from Kassandrinos is about 4 km


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