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ΤΕΡΨΙΘΕΑΣ 64, αθηνα

Who we are

“Medical Arrow” is the first multilingual medical website worldwide, made by Medical Doctors to offer a new vision in Medical Care. We are here to advise you and to find the best medical care for your condition.

Why choose us

We are professional Medical Doctors

We are specialists, in the area of medical tourism and provide our guests the most professional service taking care of each detail of their medical journey.

We are able to deal with any case of emergency. If you have any problem that needs to be treated immediately contact us directly and we will be at your disposal.

We cooperate with physicians who are considered leaders in their specialization and can offer you a variety of treatments and professional advice for a large range of medical problems.

With Medical arrow everything is prepared down to the last detail – we handle your travel arrangement  from flight tickets, book your hotel room and find the most adequate hospital and doctor to provide you with the best health care

What is the quality of healthcare in Greece

The lengthy medical education of Greek doctors combined with high-degree of international experience grants top-quality healthcare. In addition, Medical Arrow is in partnership only with premier private healthcare institutions around the country, providing even higher standard of care. Through a long selection process, we make sure that our medical partners use state-of-art equipment and employ only the latest methods and techniques in treatments. The doctors in the partner clinics are accredited internationally and have extensive experience in their field.

What health services does Medical Arrow offer

Medical Arrow can arrange almost any health treatment you may need.  In our pages you can find detailed information of the health services we offer. If you cannot find the required procedure, please enquire us and we will help you.

What services does Medical Arrow provide

Arranging initial online consultations with appropriate specialists;

Scheduling the needed facilities for treatment;

Helping with guides and language translations;

Organizing transportation;

Accommodation and meal service;

Arranging post-treatment care;

Arranging needed relaxation and rehabilitation in SPA facilities;

Organising guided excursions and leisure activities;

Taking full-care of spouses or friends travelling together


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