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Monastery of Chozoviotisis

The most important religious and cultural monument of Amorgos is the Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa, located two kilometers from the Chora Amorgou. Three hundred steps divide the visitor from the entrance of the Monastery. Another 920 years have separated him since he was founded. What unites all visitors is beauty and admiration in front of this important work, a monument very important to human faith. In a hard landscape of incredible beauty and wildness, faithful people have defeated their weaknesses and have achieved what today seems like a small miracle. The monastery was built in 1088 and was renovated by Byzantium emperor Alexios Komninos. The reason for its foundation was the finding of an icon of the Virgin Mary, which came from Hozov or Hozova of Palestine. The location of Hozhiva or Kozawa is located in the Holy Land near Jericho.


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