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Monastery of Agia Lavra

At an idyllic location at the foothills of mount Velia, a little higher from Kalavryta, is the famous monastery of Agia Lavra, which is dedicated to the Dormition of the Virgin Mary. Its history is directly related to the beginning of the Revolution of 1821, which was indicated by the raising of the flag and the oath that the chieftains took by the Metropolitan Germanos III of Old Patras. According to tradition, the monastery was founded in 961.It was here in 1821 where the Greek Revolution broke out blessed by Bishop Germanos of Patras, during the religious celebrations of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

The monastery’s museum is devoted to historical treasures of the revolution, like the diamond-decorated Gospel, a gift from Catherine the Great of Russia, the Banner of the Greek Revolution, the sacerdotal vestments of Bishop Germanos, and the Bishop’s crook. The collection also includes a considerable number of crosses decorated with precious stones, documents, books, icons, pieces of gold and silver silk embroidery. On display there is also a significant collection of paintings, as well as the holy shrine of St. Alexios, a gift from the Byzantine emperor Manuel Palaeologos in 1398.

A perfect occasion to visit the monastery would be on 25th March, when commemorative celebrations are held. The re-enactment of the gathering of the War of Independence captains and the raising of the Revolution’s Banner will certainly fascinate you!

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