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Monastery of Saint John the Theologian,Patmos

Since 95 Ad, Patmos has been a landmark in the history of Christianity. John the Apostle, the beloved student of Christ, who lived in ephesus at that time, got exiled to Patmos island. Τhe place became for him a source of inspiration and communication with god, as he would write down the word of the Creator about the last Judgement.
Τhe Apostle had the privilege of a first-hand knowledge about the life and teachings of Jesus, and he wrote the Apocalypse in a cave that has been visited by many a pilgrim over the centuries. The island of the Apocalypse is a place of reference for all Christians today. The monastery of st John the evangelist and the Cave
of the Apocalypse where the Apostle received the revelation constitute a major centre of monastic life for the orthodox world.
The murals on the monastery walls and the Cave convey to believers the message of the Revelation and dedication to god and the sacrifice of John the Apostle.


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