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The Monastery of Theotokos, located in Goura on Mount Itamos. Just above the city Pyli at a height of 640 m, it is a female monastery dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. The monastery was founded in 1743 with money from the lord Dimakis, from the village Chaliki. In 1770, during the Orlov rebellion, the monastery was looted by Turks, in 1823 it was burned by Suldje Kordja and in 1854 it was destroyed again. In 1864 it was reconstructed only to be ignited again on 11 May 1878 by Turks because it was used as a guerrilla fort during the Greek revolt in Thessaly that year. It was built again in 1893 by the newly appointed head of the monastery, Meletios Karanikas. In 1943, Germans were bombed and burned, and in 1960 the church collapsed. In 1961 the nuns were reinstated in the monastery and bloom since then. Today it is a small and picturesque monastery, especially when it is celebrated on August 15th.


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