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The Monastery of Saint Vissarionos Dousiko is also called the Monastery of the Savior of the Great Gables because of its connection with the nearby Byzantine monastery of the 13th century, the Virgin Mary’s Gate of Pyli Trikalon. It was founded between 1527-1535 and is dedicated to Christ. The first part of the monastery built its estate and originated from the area, Saint Vissarion, who apart from his holiness, became famous for the construction of great works for his time, such as his monastery and the bridges of Korakos in Acheloos , Portokos and Sarakina in the prefecture of Trikala. As a precious heirloom he preserves the honor of Karan (skull) of Saint Vissarionos. In the monastery there were housed the first guerrilla sections of the National Resistance operating in Thessaly. Also in the monastery were kept the famous manuscript gospel bearing the signature of Constantine the Porphyrogenitus, which after several adventures and thefts was found today and kept in the Museum Varlaam of Meteora. By the command of the Saint it is unassailable for women. It celebrates on September 15th.


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