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Moni Taxiarchon Serifos

The Taxiarches Monastery is located near the village of Galani, and is of great architectural interest. It was built in 1572, it is a male monastery and in 1617 a school was established in its premises and it was owned by many Venetian estates and great wealth.The building has a fortress character, it is built in a tall courtyard, has only one entrance at a height of 4 meters, curbs and a movable staircase.This construction is due to the fact that the wealth of the monastery had gained a great reputation, attracting the pirates, whom the monks were forced to fight.The monastery is dedicated to Archangels Michael and Gabriel, who are also patrons of the island, and their image transferred from Cyprus is considered miraculous.Particularly interesting, also inside the church is the relief bicephal eagle on the marble ground (1659), while in the treasures of the monastery there are remarkable worship vessels, manuscripts and the Sacred Code (1754). In 1909 it was founded in the Monastery and Library.



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