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The Mount Vora or Kaimaktsalan

The Mount Vora or Kaimaktsalan is the third highest mountain in Greece, after Mount Olympus and Smolikas, located in the northern part of the prefecture of Pella and extends to the borders of the Prefecture of Florina and continues beyond the frontier on the side of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Although the first image of the mountain on the side of Florina shows a dry and barren mountain, on the contrary, the whole mountain presents a wide variety of habitats, with vast areas, covered by dense forests. The highest peak is Kaimaktsalan with 2,524 meters. Voras is connected to the west with the mountains of Tzena and Pinovo, which form part of the same mountain range. The name of the summit – Kaimaktsalan – which is Turkish, explains the phenomenon of great snowfall, but also the quality of the snow, which receives the mountain every year.


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