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The Municipal Art Gallery of Karditsa has been active since 1993 with the organization of exhibitions, editing and educational activities. The acceptance by the Municipality of Karditsa of an important donation (works by Giorgos Valtadoros, 1993) and another one in a very short space of time (works by Dimitris Goliadis, 1994) imposed its creation. These works are the original core of her art collection and shape the character of her early years of operation. Since 2002 it has been housed in a modern, privately-owned downtown building that was co-funded by the European Union (through the 2nd Community Support Framework) and the Municipality of Karditsa.

It has an extensive collection of works created by donors of artists and collectors and covers two main pillars of interest.

The first collection is for local artists, where the collection of almost all the localized and preserved painting by Giorgos Valtadoros (Elizabeth Giannica’s 1993 donation), the nearly 2,500 of Dimitris Goliadisis (1994 and 2000 by Stella Yoldasi), theatrical models and paintings works by Kostas Pavlos – Paul (donated 1996 by Natasha Pavlou), works by Yannis Antonopoulos, Giorgos Goulas, Nikolaos Dona, Nikos Kavitsis, Pantelis Sampaliotis, Christos Skondra, Palaiologou Sulikia and others.

The second consists mainly of the donation of Apostolos Karkas (2002), enriched with other individual donations and concerns works by modern Greek artists who go beyond the narrow geographical boundaries of Karditsa, mainly paintings and less sculpture, engraving, photography etc .;


The first years of its operation (1993 – 2002) followed a program of intermittent editing of periodical exhibitions and presentation of sections of its collection.

Since 2002, she has exhibited permanent and periodical exhibitions as well as project selections from her collection.

Permanent exhibition:
The permanent exhibition consists of three sections, each of which is presented in a stand-alone room.

Ground floor
• Collection of Apostolos Karkas

(exhibition of contemporary Greek realistic artists)

1st floor – hall of Dimitrios Goliadis
(a sample of the creative path of the most famous city artist)

1st floor – room of Giorgos Valtadoros
(works by the heart-performing artists: G. Valtadorou, G. Goula, N. Kavichitsa, K. Pavlou – Paul, P. Sabaliotis and P. Soulikia)

Periodic Exhibitions:
performs periodical exhibitions with a retrospective, group and thematic character, for the organization of which works with artists, theoreticians, museums, galleries and institutions.

– choices from the collection of the Municipal Art Gallery of Karditsa:

she often presents choices from the works of her collection that are not part of her permanent exhibition.

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