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The Dorothea School was founded in 1875 with the donation of Dorotheos Scholarios, a distinguished clergyman and national benefactor. Dorotheos Scholarios was born in 1812 in the town of Vendista in the province of Kalambaka. He studied at the Theological School of Halki. In 1852 he was appointed director of the Great School of Genres. In the same year he was elected Metropolitan of Sozogatroupolis and in 1856 Metropolitan of Demetrias. He dealt with the writing of ecclesiastical texts and died in deep ages. The building was listed as a historical preserve and is on the permanent list of the archaeological sites and monuments of Greece.

  • Menelaos Kafygiotis Collection. Menelaos Kafygiotis (1926-1997), originated in Trikala. He studied at the School of Fine Arts near A. Georgiades, G. Moralis and sculptor M. Tompros. He continued his artistic activity in America, where he was distinguished. It moves in the area of ​​expressionism, with surrealist tendencies. His work is distinguished by color unity and symbolic hints.
  • Collection by Dimitris Goliadis. Dimitris Gilladas (1897-1993) was born in Morphouni of Karditsa. He studied at the School of Fine Arts next to S. Geraniotis, S. Vikato, G. Iakovaki. At first he turned to portraiture, but gradually he focused on the Thessalian plain and the activities of his people. The works of Yoldassi are donated by the painter through the daughter of Stella Yoldasi to the Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Trikala.
  • Nikou Alexiou Collection. The collection includes representative works of this prominent romantic artist, which he donated himself.


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