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Dimitris and Legko Katsikogiannis Museum was founded in 1994 by the Municipality of Trikala. The collection numbers 1236 paintings and 114 sculptures, as well as first-inspired designs. They are donated by the heirs of the work of D. Katsikogiannis, who thus satisfied a great desire of the artist. Katsikogiannis’s work is always up to date, presents the whole war, peaceful and revolutionary life of the peoples who are fighting for the human ideals of freedom and democracy. Katsikogiannis draws the themes from his personal experiences and is expressed with intensity for the social tragedy of his time. Katsikogiannis’ works can be inspired through the specific worldview of their creator, but beyond that they unfold the majesty, the dynamism and the timelessness that characterizes a work of art. He said, “My work is not money, but labor and sacrifice. I do not intend to hang millions of drachmas in the Museum but testimonies of the tortured struggling life of our people.” And “my work is inspired by the People and only to it belongs”. True to the artist’s duty, he said, “The artist is hard to keep silent, he must speak with his silent speech about the social events of his time and not be cut off from them.” Responding to the call of his time, to the call of future generations to talk about the historical role of Art, he memorized with his painting the social tragedy of his time as he experienced it. His work, an important asset in city, is a unique monument of post-war artistic expression, both in Greece and in the Balkans.


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