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The Museum of Greek History, Pavlos Vrellis, also known as the Wax Museum, is located in Ioannina, in Epirus. It was founded on the initiative of Pavlos Vrellis in February 1983 and opened its doors in 1995 and is the most famous museum of its kind in Greece. It is the work of a single man – Pavlos Vrellis, who for 13 years worked incessantly, only for this work. The purpose of the artist was to represent historical events from different regions of Greece, in natural size within the museum. So he could present the heroes and the role they played in their respective places. With his own ideas, studies and a lot of personal work, he created spaces and people to help the viewer experience some of the events that have passed. The Museum hosts approximately 150 waxworks and 36 historical themes inspired by important events of Greek history.

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